We live in a crazy world. Corruption, propaganda and technology are all out of control, along with global warming and genetically modified food. Millions of people are looking for leadership, and there are plenty of leaders out there…but which ones can we trust? And how do you know who to vote for, especially if there are no good choices?

Breaking: The truth is right under your nose. In many cases it’s so obvious, you don’t need PolCheck. Just a day or two before this site was launched, I found a bombshell in the article 50 Places in Seattle That You’re Taking for Granted, Stranger Staff (May 25, 2016). The first of four pictures shows a man reading the Seattle Times, and the 4th item on the list of great places is…the Seattle Times!
To put things in perspective, The Stranger is a classic example of controlled opposition. It works really hard to sell readers on the idea that it’s very different from the establishment media, in Seattle led by the Seattle Times. So why would they turn around and praise the Times?
Here’s the punch line: “The Stranger and the Seattle Times may appear to have little in common, but that’s only if you’re not looking behind the curtains.” — Jen Graves
In fact, PolCheck has already peeked behind your curtain, Jen.
wolf in sheeps clothing photo: Avitar wolfinsheepsclothingavitar.jpg
Real wolves are cool and insanely easy to recognize — they don’t have websites.

Finally, there’s a scientific method that can help you separate the heroes from the zeroes. It doesn’t rely on laser beams, organic chemistry or quantum physics. It’s based on more basic scientific tools — namely logic, experience and fact-checking.

If you’re completely clueless about politics or you have no common sense, it might not do you much good. However, you can prepare yourself by taking a crash course in Politix 101.

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If you’re smart enough to know that the two-party system is killing America and voting for the lesser of evils only guarantees more evil, turn the page.