Adolf Hitler

Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler is a challenge even for PolCheck.

Of course, we all know Hitler was a white supremacist who started World War II all by himself and is therefore responsible for the deaths of more than seventy million people. And all his other crimes combined pale next to the Holocaust, which was even more horrifying than the ongoing Native American genocide.

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So why not just give Hitler an automatic F- and be done with it?

The problem is that WWII is, for some of us at least, ancient history. And you know what they say about history being written by the victor. In some countries, merely questioning the mainstream historical account can land you in jail.

In fact, WWII and the Holocaust are both buried under a pile of propaganda and manipulation. Were the Germans really more racist than the colonial French and British? What about Team America, which had thousands of Native Americans and Japanese Americans locked up on reservations and internment camps?

Did Hitler really start WWII all by himself? And isn’t it amazing that the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin is widely accused of killing more people than Hitler? Did you know that Stalin’s biggest killers were Jews?

Hitler deserves abundant credit for putting his thoughts down on paper for the world to see. In fact, his book, Mein Kamp, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

You have to admit, it was awfully damn stupid for the U.S. to join the racist British and French in ganging up on Germany during WWI, which paved the way for WWII. And is it true that Germany was being screwed by the Jews after WWI?

Again, that’s a hard question to answer more than half a century after the fact, but Jews do have a habit of getting themselves kicked out of one country after another. And they certainly control the U.S. today.

Perhaps we should be asking two separate questions about Hitler: 1) Was he honest with his followers, and 2) Was he moral?

It’s hard to think of a U.S. president who did more for America than Hitler did for Germany. And a growing number of people respect him precisely because he held Jews accountable. Olympic champion Jesse Owens — a black U.S. athlete — had more respect for Hitler than he did for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It’s hard to justify the invasion of Mother Russia, which was a bloody mess. Then again, do we really know with certainty what Hitler’s motivations were?

The extraordinary ongoing demonization of Hitler by the same media that support monsters like George W. Bush and Obama ironically suggests that Hitler may not have been as bad as some people paint him. Of course, Hitler could have still been a genuine monster, but was he really any worse than Obama?

A Chronological Approach

We can get a new and very different perspective of Hitler if we simply jump back in history several years.

Hitler fought in World War I and suffered a humiliating defeat, followed by the humiliating Treaty of Versailles. He was further enraged by what he saw as Jewish exploitation. In fact, many people believed Jewish groups contributed to Germany’s loss to the Allies.

Next, Hitler tried to take power in a coup — a crime that land him behind bars. But you have to give him credit for writing a book while in prison. After he got out, he legally ran for office and was legally elected.

He promptly set out to rebuild and reunify Germany. And he succeeded spectacularly.

Up to this point, it’s hard to see Hitler as anything less than a hero, probably a bigger hero than any U.S. president.

The problems started with Germany’s persecution of Jews and World War II. But who really started WWII? And what’s the truth about the Holocaust?

There are many unanswered questions, and a growing number of people believe the Jews weren’t just innocent bystanders; they say the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves, just as they’ve been getting kicked out of one country after another for centuries.

In the end, we may never know the true Hitler, who was likely a mixture of good and bad.

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