Che Guevara

One of history’s greatest revolutionaries, Che Guevara sets the bar for other wannabe political leaders. The few question marks on his political resumé are easily explained or drowned out by his stunning accomplishments.


1. Beginnings –
2. Website – NA
3. User Friendly – NA
4. Resumé –
5. Issues –
7. Truthfulness –
8. Reach out to Beginners –
9. Connections –
10. Publicity –

Of course, we have to give him a pass on his lack of a website because he died in 1967. Moreover, developing a website while at the same time stirring up revolution in Cuba, Bolivia and the Congo could be a little difficult.

His book The Motorcyle Diaries is a big part of El Che’s resumé. His capture and brutal execution by soldiers backed by the CIA pretty make it pretty hard to believe he could have been a corporate operative. Che Guevara was as real as it gets.

Any political science student can hardly escape the volcanic hatred and exaggerated claims (not to mention outright lies) that are heaped on Guevara to this day. Perhaps the biggest criticism is the claim that he was a bloody murderer who enjoyed killing people.

Ironically, that’s precisely why some people adore Che Guevara: he was able to balance a rare compassion with a zeal for accountability. The right-wingers who condemn Che Guevara for his battlefield exploits praise people like Chris Kyle, a cowardly sniper whose first victim was a woman with a child (in an occupied country, no less). And the claim that Che Guevara enjoyed killing is also suspect; as a doctor and a war veteran, he seemed more detached than gleeful when doing what needed to be done.

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