Voter’s Paradox

Note: I coined the term voter’s paradox, which should not be confused with the paradox of voting (aka Downs’ paradox), which suggests that an individual’s vote is insignificant.

I’ve served in the U.S. military and worked inthe paradox of voting (aka Downs’ paradox) public education, both legendary for their corruption. I have nearly 90 websites, most focusing on political topics. I’ve published half a dozen books and am working on over a dozen more. I live in Gothic Seattle, the legendary belly of the beast, and have run for public office ten times.

Voters Paradox

In short, I probably know ten times more about politics than you and your friends combined. Yet the more one learns, the more one realizes how little he really knows. As a veteran candidate for public office, I should passionately exhort people to VOTE! In fact, I originally created this website to help citizens learn how to identify good and bad political candidates.

Is voting for one of two senile assholes like Joe Biden and Donald Trump worthwhile? What do you think?

However, things have gotten even worse. Nowadays, I seldom vote, and I increasingly feel that the institution may be forever ruined in the U.S. Maybe it’s time for a revolution, or a civil war. Sadly, most Americans may be incapable of doing anything other than blowing in the wind. Statistics tell us that U.S. citizens are far more likely to become homeless or commit suicide than become respectable political activists. The thousands or millions of people who participate in protests or vandalism are mostly sheep, not activists. Most do nothing but march in an occasional protest, and many don’t really know what they’re protesting for. Most of the people currently protesting for the Palestinians are unwittingly being led by Jewish manipulators.

The 2000 pResidential campaign pitted George W. Bush against Al Gore. Bush won by a hair amidst massive social unrest stemming from election fraud. There were missing ballots and something called chads, and who in their right mind would trust those new Diebold voting machines?

Fact: Bush cheated, though the Democrats probably did their share of cheating, too. Since then, things have only gotten worse as the puppeteers become ever more clever. Few people complain about using electronic voting machines or voting by mail because that’s how people have been voting for two decades now. When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, liberals claimed the vote was hacked by the Russians.

What a masterpiece of propaganda! The election was rigged by the Jews, just like all our major elections. Jews are the biggest donors to both Democratic and Republican parties. A growing number of powerful politicians are Jews. During pResidential debates, the moderators are typically Jews. Most people base their voting choices largely on whatever the Jewish media broadcast. Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews, as is Chelsea Clinton.

I first ran for public office in 1999, when I attempted to gain a seat on the Seattle School Board. Chicken shit office, right? In fact, I was floored by the rampant corruption and dirty tricks that paved the way to my defeat in the primary election. The next year I ran for state office and actually did better, getting 8% of the vote. Not bad for a newcomer competing against four other candidates, one of whom got more publicity than all the other challengers combined and two others who were establishment power brokers (one backed by Microsoft co-founder and multibillionaire Paul Allen).

During each subsequent campaign, I felt like I was buried deeper. Over the years, Washingtonians lost their beloved blanket primary, depriving them of real choice. The election season has become shorter, with the primary election held in August, when many people are still on vacation. When I ran for the office of Washington State Governor in 2020, the bastards stacked the ballot with an unbelievable three dozen candidates!

And so, I’m more or less pulling the plug on this website. I will vote again if I ever discover a candidate worth voting for. However, the last time that happened was over a decade ago.

In the meantime, the image below is just about all that remains from the original PolCheck site.


However, you may see a silver lining in this sad situation if you have an interest in philosophy. Is democracy really the best way to go, and does the U.S. really qualify as a democracy to begin with? And if democracy has been extinguished, what next? Should we topple our government, honoring the words of that witty slave owner, Thomas Jefferson? Should we just move to another country? Or should we simply follow our fellow sheep and just surrender to poverty, homelessness, and societal and economic collapse?

I embrace a philosophical school called existentialism. In that spirit, I love to fight against impossible odds. Call me crazy, but I’m kind of hoping for World War III. Imagine millions of corrupt American politicians, media whores, and Jews running for their lives. Frankly, I think that would be so much more exciting than voting.

Wolf in Sheeps ClothingThanks largely to their genocidal campaign against Gaza, the Jews don’t look so powerful any more, even if they do control elections in the U.S. and many other countries.